Smart Glass Door Lock

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Smart Glass Door Lock,Perfiware Biometric Fingerprint Sliding Glass Door Lock,Drill-Free Keyless Entry Door Lock,Great for Office,Hotel,Apartment,Patio,Front Door01

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  • ✅ Key Advantages: Our cutting-edge fingerprint recognition technology ensures lightning-fast and highly accurate sensing, surpassing industry standards. Extensive Storage Capacity: Store up to 100 users, 100 fingerprints, match 100 cards, and program 10 remotes. Each user can register three fingerprints.
  • ✅Drill-Free, Versatile Applications: Install with ease and no damage. Ideal for various settings such as office glass doors, residential courtyard glass doors, main entrances, closets, wine cabinets, storage cabinets, hotel doors, apartment doors, exhibition halls, research rooms, and more. Compared to traditional glass door locks and U-locks, our fingerprint glass door lock offers enhanced intelligence, security, and multifunctionality. Embracing this technology is a future-forward trend.
  • ✅Flexible Unlocking Methods: Empower access management with five options: 1) Fingerprint unlocking; 2) Password (virtual password with 16 digits for privacy); 3) IC card unlocking; 4) Remote control unlocking (one remote can control multiple locks, and one lock can be paired with multiple remotes); 5) Mechanical key unlocking (for emergencies or power outages).
  • ✅Automatic Locking and More: Auto-lock upon door closure; constant open mode for unhindered movement; emergency power supply via portable charger during power outages. 
  • ✅Robust Stainless Steel Construction: Built to last, with adaptable compatibility for various door frames and opening directions (frameless glass doors: left/right/double/single opening; framed glass doors: double/single opening). Elevate security and convenience with our Fingerprint Glass Door Lock/Smart Lock – your gateway to an intelligent, hassle-free, and advanced access solution!


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