Portable Solar generator 1000W

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1000W Portable Solar Generator Solar system Build-in Lithium Battery Life Po4 80ah can be charged with zesa or less than 20v solar panel

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This item is a portable solar charger that is made of quality ABS material. It provides you the safety and security of lighting and charging when you need it most. It is suitable for use in outdoor camping, night market, yard, emergency situations, etc.

Build IN AC500W/1000W OUTPUT
Model PLB500 PLB1000
Output AC output voltage 110Vac/220Vac 110Vac/220Vac
AC output frequency 50Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz
AC output power Rated power 500W Rated power 1000W
USB port 5V3A*4 5V3A*4
DC port 12V5A*4 12V5A*4
Input Solar energy input Maximum 200Wworking voltage 16-18v Maximum 200Wworking voltage 16-18v
Battery Cell type Lithium iron phosphase Lithium iron phosphase
Cycle life 1500 cycles(80%±) 1500 cycles(80%±)
Capacity 500WH 1000WH
Basic specification Net weight 12KG 15KG
size 350*330*200MM 350*330*200MM
Display Display relevant equipment parameters Display relevant equipment parameters
Weight 15 kg


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