Drone Hiring

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Drone Hiring for photography and search and rescue services Function: 4K 100Mbs Videos, 10KM distance, 3-axis Gimbal, Smart Tracking Mode, Super Night Scene Shooting,

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1. Create pictures from an omniscient viewpoint with just one tap.

2. 3-axis Mechanical Gimbal: The 3rd generation of the LOS stabilization alogrithm,a sensor with high precision control and an accuracy of 0.005°,and a fully closed-loop servo system all contribute to perfect eliminating jitters in real time,allowing you to enjoy silky smoothness in your blockbusters.

3.Night Shot: Based on multi-frame fusion noise reduction technology and the large aperture of the 1/2” sensor,you can take your drone with you to capture the beauty of night.

4.Flight time is up to 35mins with 11.4V 4500mAh lipo battery.

5.10KM Range: The upgraded 3rd generation RokLink high-definition digital image transmission system with adaptive stream-encoding technology provides a superior transmission distance of up to 10km.

6.Rain- and Snow-Proof: The flights will no longer be affected by the weather. Even if you encounter rain or snow, you can still fly safely and have the drone return home without worry.

7.Sony 1/2 48MP CMOS Sensor:The upgraded Sony 1/2” CMOS sensor, bringing a large 1.6um pixel size based on the “Quad Bayer” pixel technology, can effectively reduce noise during nighttime aerial filming.

8.A Large F1.6 Aperture:The larger aperture of the FIMI X8SE 2022 allows for more light to come through, effectively reducing noise. With greater light sensitivity, it accurately captures more colors and details during low-light videography.

9.Accessory port:This port allows for more DIY possibilities. It’s compatible with a variety of accessories, including the release-and-drop plus megaphone module, allowing you to have more fun when flying.

10.Megaphone:Once mounted onto the drone, the device can remotely transmit voices or sounds. It can also store multiple audio files, support text-to-audio and automatic loop playback, and shout in real time. With a maximum sound projection range of 100 meters, tasks such as search and rescue are quicker and easier than ever before.

11.Release and drop:The device can carry and drop a payload of up to 200g, allowing the drone to fly over obstacles and deliver urgently needed materials. ​*The payload should not exceed 200g, and the smaller size of the load; better the drone will handle the flight. Note that when carrying a load, the drone’s speed and deceleration distance are affected.

Function: 4K 100Mbs Videos, 10KM distance, 3-axis Gimbal, Smart Tracking Mode, Super Night Scene Shooting, Remote ID


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